Top 5 TikTok editing apps 2020

TikTok video editing apps

Here are the Top 5 TikTok editing apps that will help you edit your video clips like a pro. TikTok is trending just because of the short videos with the background music. so, if you want to create outstanding TikTok videos and wanna leave your friends on the floor laughing. Then you must try these TikTok video editing tools Because everyone is using them to get more and more followers.

The rule for TikTok is this simple “increase in creativity is equal to increase in followers”.

These are the Top 5 TikTok editing apps to Take your game next level.

1. Jadu:

Jadu is the app for you if you want some celebrity into your video or you are trying to get top TikTokers sitting next to you in your next video. Moreover, The app uses hologram technology so it will almost look real. The aspect ratio of the video clips is perfect and graphics are smooth too.

So download the app on your ios and Android and drop your coolest edited TikTok video of All time.

Jadu TikTok video editor

2. Glitchy

There’s another trend on TikTok where you show the Old 70s outfit. Your friends might have made a video with the perfect 70s glow and every ones been like aww. So, create one for yourself on Glitchy and leave your friends with an open mouth. Additionally, You will definitely love the filters and effects on this video editing tool.

TikTok video editing apps

3. Voloco

Voloco actually helps you create videos in which you will be reading a text with a funnier voiceover. Furthermore, you might have seen some videos like that from people and it really takes humor to the next level. You can do the lip-syncing too with someone else’s voice in the background. Moreover, there are a huge number of sound effects available and they are totally free. It also provides you a lot of editing options.

Top 5 TikTok editing apps

4. Dazz Cam

Edited videos on Dazz Cam will look like that they were taken on a 16mm or 8mm camera. If your phone camera is good enough and wanna make your friends fall for your looks then you must choose Dazz Cam from these video editing apps because it is really cool. Moreover, if you have a phone with a dual-camera lens then you must try their D3D effect it will turn your pics into 3D images.

Top 5 TikTok editing apps

5. KiraKira+

Have you seen the videos where jewels sparkle like stars? You may have seen that in Kardashian’s video in fact more and more TikTok users are creating that type of video. That’s all just because of KiraKira+. Additionally, This TikTok video editing app really helps you get some more glamour in your videos. Must try this one.

Top 5 TikTok editing apps

Summary of Top 5 TikTok editing apps.

To summarize, the above listed are the Top 5 video editing apps to bring a storm to your social media. Create astonishing projects for your TikTok app with these. Moreover, feel like a celebrity and social media stars just by using great sound effects and video effects.

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